Review: Death Warp

Death Warp
Death Warp by M.P. Johnson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A very odd, incredibly fun little chapbook from Dynatox Ministries. I loved the protagonists, especially Jillane, who’s developed in a really sweet, genuine way. Death Warp’s first third sets up a buddy road-trip story that promises to be weird, unexpected and grounded in the pain of its characters and the growing bond between them. When the bizarro element lurches into the story with its matter-of-fact swagger, the tension ramps up and it’s all enormously entertaining, but is left behind after only a handful of pages like a weird out-of-joint interlude. The third act left me a little cold; it felt a bit rushed and deprived me of the pay-off these fantastic characters promised in the beginning. Though certain characters’ reactions were expected in a way, that didn’t make them any less heartbreaking, or all the more annoying for their predictability.

The weird/horror element was great, and so were the characters, but I was left wanting a bit more of a pay-off.

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