Aksel Dadswell is an aspiring writer and PhD student living in Australia and writing about himself in the third person, which he suspects may make him come across as a bit of a twat. It’s too late to back out now though, so here we are. Plus who really looks at the ‘about’ section anyway?

As he mentioned, Aksel is currently enrolled in a PhD in creative writing and literature, for which he is writing a cosmic horror novel. He started this blog because it’s nice to break up the fiction and academia with something more casual, and because Aksel likes sharing his opinions about books and films and whatever else he decides is blog-worthy, and also it’s about goddamn time.

This self-aware narration is probably getting ridiculous by now, and this bio longer than most people would care to be bothered reading. You should probably click back to the main page now. The blog posts are much better than this, Aksel promises.